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A Nix overlay for Emacs 27 with the 'emacs-mac' patches

| 176 words | nix darwin emacs
UPDATE The official emacs-macport package has been updated on the nixpkgs master branch, so should hit the nixpkgs-unstable channel soon!

"Cloud-like" Infrastructure at Home - Part 1: LoadBalancers on the Metal

| 1462 words | linux kubernetes networking devops
This is the introductory post to a series outlining how I achieve "Cloud-like" application deployments on my personal servers.

spacebar: New and improved recipe!

| 275 words | nix darwin
I recently inherited ownership of spacebar 👨‍🍳 This brief post details a few bugs and features I've been working my way through since.

spacebar module in nix-darwin now generally available

| 127 words | nix darwin
To accompany my post from yesterday for the yabai module in nix-darwin, I'm happy to announce there is now also a module for installing and configuring spacebar 🎉 If you're a user of nix-darwin's master branch, and follow the nixpkgs-unstable channel, you can manage spacebar in your configuration like so services.

yabai module in nix-darwin now generally available

| 252 words | nix darwin
As of ~2 hours ago, a Nix module to install & configure yabai is now generally available on the master branch of nix-darwin.

Nix Generator Functions for Sway

| 204 words | nix linux
A short & sweet post on using the Nix language to generate Sway config 🥝 I don't tend to use Linux on the desktop at the moment and figured it'd be a shame not to share these functions I wrote to generate input & output blocks.

Managing Firefox on macOS with Nix

| 1286 words | nix darwin
In this post I'll talk about how I manage Firefox and mimick some of the behaviours/aesthetics I'd come to enjoy from using other browsers over the years.

Keeping Up Appearances: Non-native macOS Light/Dark Mode

| 836 words | nix darwin
I like the auto light/dark mode feature of macOS, it's nice to have your system change in the evening as the sun sets - less strain on the eyes if a night of hacking is ahead.