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spacebar module in nix-darwin now generally available

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To accompany my post from yesterday for the yabai module in nix-darwin, I'm happy to announce there is now also a module for installing and configuring spacebar 🎉

If you're a user of nix-darwin's master branch, and follow the nixpkgs-unstable channel, you can manage spacebar in your configuration like so

services.spacebar.enable = true;
services.spacebar.package = pkgs.spacebar;
services.spacebar.config = {
  clock_format     = "%R";
  space_icon_strip = "   ";
  text_font        = ''"Helvetica Neue:Bold:12.0"'';
  icon_font        = ''"FontAwesome:Regular:12.0"'';
  background_color = "0xff202020";
  foreground_color = "0xffa8a8a8";
  power_icon_strip = " ";
  space_icon       = "";
  clock_icon       = "";

Excuse the broken characters here. They're glyph from the wonderful Font Awesome

As with the yabai module, you have to specify the package with services.spacebar.package = pkgs.spacebar, as the package is in the unstable channel.

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