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spacebar: New and improved recipe!

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I recently inherited ownership of spacebar 👨‍🍳

This brief post details a few bugs and features I've been working my way through since.

v1.1.1 (just released 🍱)
  • 🔪 Fixed a bug where long window titles would draw over the right status area

  • 🍊 Padding between items in the status area based on current values

  • 🍏 Height configuration option

  • 🍏 Option to position at the top or bottom of the screen

  • 🍏 Individual colour settings for each icon in the right strip (dnd, power, clock)

  • 🍏 DoNotDisturb indicator

  • 🍊 Current space indicated by colouring the glyph

  • 🍊 Removal of underlines

  • 🔪 Fixed flicker bug when changing monitor focus (thanks @tom-auger)

What's next? 🍨

It's been fun digging into this project and learning a bit of C along the way. spacebar is shaping up to be a nice side dish for yabai, and I've got some ideas to really bring out the flavour:

  • Command/Script output: people can write their own "plugins" to display whatever information they please somewhere in the bar.

  • Native light/dark mode: I wrote about how I already achieve this with spacebar in a very hacky way. Native support would be nice - though I'm currently being held back by the age of apple_sdk in nixpkgs. It doesn't contain the symbols I need for this, and I'd like to keep using Nix + Emacs as my development environment.

  • A rewrite from the ground up: perhaps a lofty dream at the moment, considering C and the macOS APIs are new to me. But I'd really like to write a spiritual successor from scratch - spacebar was originally extracted as an example bar from yabai.

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